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How to Use dash cam as a Webcam

We hope that all of you are doing well and staying safe amid this COVID-19. During this unsettling time, many of you are homeschooling, working from home and taking things head-on, and we understand that this can be a lot for many of us.

We believe that communication is essential in these trying times and we desire to be a help for our valued customers like you. As many of our customers might not be aware that you could also use your ROVE R2-4K or R1 model as a webcam when communicating with your family, friends, workmates, and school conference, etc from PC/MAC.

See this Video 


Did you know that you can also use your ROVE R2-4K or R1 model as a WEBCAM also?
See the steps below to find out how you can use your Rove dash cam as a webcam?

How to Use Dashcam as a Webcam See Full guide on Below:
1. Simply use your short 2.5ft Data cable and plug the Type-A port in your PC/MAC

2. Plug the other side Mini USB port into the camera

3. After plugin, both side you will get three options- select " Connect as PC/MAC webcam" and then open your Zoom or conference software > then select DEMO 1 as a video device to enjoy your Dash Cam as a webcam

We hope that you found this feature helpful.

Please do comment below and let us know what do you think?

Thank you!
Stay Safe & Healthy.

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4 thoughts on “How to Use dash cam as a Webcam

  1. avatar Melton says:

    Do you have a bigger screen so I can see better when backing? Thanks

  2. avatar Charles says:

    Pc says that the device cannot be recognized in web cam mode.eorks fine in uddb mode. Your thoughts

  3. avatar Alex says:

    Good afternoon. There already features about connections to PC/MAC or need uptade firware toany dashcam?

  4. avatar Earl J. says:

    Now, we just need a method o mount it to a tripod OR a method to stabilize it.
    We could actually use the suction cup mount to hold it on a smooth, sturdy, surface.|It rally doesn’t matter that it may record upside-down… that’s easily fixed in editing by rotating the entire image 180-degrees.

    * *
    For webcam use, it is important that the image appear right-side up for immediate live viewing.
    Make sure that all the data you normally record is turned off during the broadcast, otherwise, it will appear upside-down on your video (IF you happen to record any of it).
    It will stand quite well on the GPS portion of the ROVE R2-4K (don’t bump it or shake what you stand it on) … not sure of any other models. * *
    Additionally, IF you own a USB portable charging device, it will also run the camera as a walk-around, hand-held video camera. I do it all the time… (wink) I found a Prohin solar charging device with a hard shell case for $20… (wink) * *

    Until that time. . .

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