ROVE R1 Dash Cam, a leading manufacturer of premium surveillance tools and intelligent technological solutions, has just announced the launch of the Rove R1 Dash Cam.

The product was manufactured to provide the very best in vehicle surveillance, while improving the convenience and ease with which videos are captured in moving vehicles. It is expected to be a flagship product from the manufacturer, with a combination of features that will make it effective for various classes of users.

The sentiment was definitely shared by the manufacturers as well.

The Rove R1 Dash Cam comes with applications in both civilian and police use, and its affordability means that it won’t put too much of a strain in your pocket.

Awesome video resolution

The Rove R1 dash camera is capable of recording videos for up to a recording resolution of 1920 x 1080, while at 3fps. The dash cam was developed based on the Sony IMX323 sensor, and it comes with both an f/2.0 aperture and a 150° A+ wide angel lens that help it to provide incredibly sharp mage quality and full high-definition video. Regardless of whether you’re recording during the day or at night, you can rest assured that this dash cam has you covered effectively.

With clear color and video depth, there is no doubt to the fact that this camera will be able to provide accurate video documentation and make for easy reviewing.

Rove R1 wifi dash cam launch on Amazon

Screen Resolution and Strong Battery

As regards the screen, the Rove R1 comes with a 2.45” IPS screen that provides nothing sort of the very best in display effect. With this, you get even better display than with the conventional LCD screens. The camera also comes with a built-in super capacitor, as opposed to a Lithium ion battery. This provides much more safety and durability, essentially helping you to make use of the dash cam for much longer.

The Rove App and Wi-Fi support

The Rove R1 comes with compatibility with the Rove App. This app helps you to view the recording of the dash cam, while also providing the ability to manage the camera’s settings with the use of mobile Wi-Fi connection. The Rove App is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and you can also share your recordings straight to social media platforms.

The days of carrying multiple cables to effect file transfers from surveillance cameras are over, and this dash cam is heralding the future of surveillance technology.

To top it all off, the Rove R1 dash cam comes with a full 1-year warranty