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Stealth 4K 

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Get Full Firmware Upgrade Guide

Firmware Upgrade Guide

Why upgrade your dash cam's firmware ?

Firmware upgrades may add functionalities to your dashcam, and/or improve its performance.

How to upgrade ?

Using a Windows or Mac OS computer: follow the steps below.


Format Memory Card 

Format the memory card in your dash cam


Download New Firmware

Download the latest firmware for your Rove Dash Camera


Unzip the Firmware File

Unzip the downloaded firmware (Zip file)


Copy Firmware Files to Memory Card

You can directly insert the memory card into your computer if you have a memory card slot OR connect your camera to your computer using the included SHORT 2.5FT USB Data Cable, choose the one that says “Connect as USB Flash Drive” and then copy the firmware files


Camera Power OFF

Now keep the camera plugged into the power & turned OFF.


Insert SD Card & Power ON

Now insert the memory card with the new firmware files into the camera. Now press the POWER BUTTON Once and this should turn ON the camera. 


Start Updating Firmware

The camera will start updating to the newest firmware automatically. You will see the flashing RED/BLUE LED on the left upper corner Which means, the firmware is being updated. 


Don't Disconnect Power

Let the camera go through its updating cycle and make sure the power doesn't get disconnected while the firmware is being updated.
Once the firmware is updated, the camera will turn ON automatically. 


Format the Memory Card

After the update, the first thing you would want to do is FORMAT the memory card on the camera. Otherwise, the camera will keep updating the firmware every time it restarts. 


Reboot & Finished

Restart your ROVE dash camera after applying the upgrade and start recording. 

GPS Player for Windows

Download GPS Players

GPS Player for MAC

Download GPS Players

ROVE APP For ROVE R2-4k and ROVE R1 Model

"ROVE Stealth 4K" APP for Stealth 4K Model