Only for users with specific batch
This BETA firmware release is for users with specific batch of cameras. You MUST enter the serial number of the camera below to check whether this BETA Release falls under your camera batch.
Enter your camera's serial number below to check if you camera fall in the specific batch who has this opportunity to test the BETA firmware for our ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam. If you get an alert that your camera is not compatible with the firmware, do NOT proceed further or if you have multiple cameras and any one of them falls under this beta upgrade compatibility, do NOT cheat or try to install this firmware in other cameras whose serial number is not compatible on this BETA firmware page, you may end up with the malfunction of the camera which is not covered under the warranty.
Enter the serial number to check if you are the lucky one to enjoy the enhanced experience on our R2-4K Dash Cam?

You can find serial number of your camera as show here.


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We are sorry, your Dash Cam does not fall within the specific batch of cameras that is compatible with this beta firmware update. Our Product Development team is continously working on enhancing user experience by adding new features. You will be notified whenever we will release the firmware update for your specific batch of cameras if you have registered your purchase with us.

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Voila! Your Dash Cam falls within the specific batch which can support this BETA firmware update.
*Please give this BETA firmware a try and let us know your feedback so that we can continue to improve our future firmwares for you at NO additional costs.

What's new in this BETA release?
  • Dash Cam starts video recording automatically whenever it comes to Video Mode
  • Added a seperate G-Sensor menu for parking mode which allows you to set a different impact detection when the camera goes to parking mode
  • Added completely new Voice guidance for the operations in the camera
  • Added a video recording failsafe algorithm, which gives a voice prompt every 30 seconds whenever your camera is not recording the video while you are in the video mode
  • Now you can turn ON & OFF voice guidance command from the system settings seperately
  • Added a new GPS sub-menu
  • No need to format the memory card again after you update the firmware, if you do not want to format after the update
  • You can access all the settings through the new 2022 ROVE Dash Cam App. Please Note : We will release the updated app that will allow access to all settings in near future, current App does not support all settings
  • Multiple bug fixes, stability and performance improvements
  1. Format the memory card in your camera. (Make sure to keep back up of videos if you need them)
  2. Then download the firmware binary file from the download button above
  3. Please make sure the file name is "FW96660A.bin"
  4. Now, copy the downloaded firmware file into the root folder of your memory card. Ensure the firmware's filename does not get changed and it is exactly is "FW96660A.bin".
  5. Now, keep the camera plugged into the power & turn it OFF by pressing and holding the power button.
  6. Now insert the memory card containing the firmware file into the camera.
  7. Now press the POWER button once, which will start the firmware update process. You should see the blinking red LED and the LCD will stay blank, which means that your ROVE R2-4K is updating the new firmware.
  8. Let it go through its cycle and ensure the power doesn't get disconnected during the firmware update process.
  9. It should take about three minutes to update the firmware.
  10. The camera should turn ON automatically after the firmware update is completed.

Once the camera turns ON after the update, it will prompt you to FORMAT the memory card. Format the memory card and follow the prompts.

Here is the quick video demonstration on how to perform above steps