Upgrade & Downloads

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Below on this page You will find all the latest firmware, PC, Mac and mobile applications, as well as the manuals for your Dash Cam.

Over The Air Firmware Update

How to Update?

Using Free ROVE App on your Android or iOS devices

Step 1

Connect the ROVE App 
with your ROVE Dash Cam
  • Ensure your ROVE Dash Cam is powered on and within range.
  • Open the ROVE App on your mobile device.
  • Connect the app with your dash cam

Step 2

Go to ‘Firmware Update’ through the App Menu
  • Navigate to the App Menu, usually found in main menu of the ROVE App.
  • Look for the ‘Firmware Update’ option and select it.

Step 3

Check for New Firmware
  • The App will automatically check for available firmware updates.
  • If there is a new firmware version, the App will display a notification stating, ‘There is a NEW Firmware Update Available!’

Step 4

Click on ‘UPDATE Firmware”
  • Once notified about the new firmware, click on ‘UPDATE Firmware.”

Step 5

Firmware Update Initiation
  • A pop-up will appear, indicating that the firmware update has started successfully.

Step 6

Monitor Update Progress
  • The camera screen will display the progress of the firmware update.
  • Allow the update to complete 
without interruption.

Step 7

BOOM! You are done with the Firmware Update
  • Once the update is successfully completed, the camera will automatically restart and boot up with the new firmware.
  • Your ROVE Dash Cam is now equipped with the latest firmware.

Manual Firmware Update Guide

Why upgrade your dashcam's firmware ?

Firmware upgrades may add functionalities to your dashcam, and/or improve its performance.

How to upgrade?

Using a Windows or Mac OS computer: follow the steps below.

Format Memory Card

Format your memory card first by going into the camera's system settings. Make sure to backup your videos before formatting if you need them.

Download New Firmware

Download the latest firmware for your Rove Dash Camera

Copy On Memory Card

You can directly insert the memory card into your PC/MAC if you have the memory card slot and then copy the firmware files.

Camera Power OFF

Now keep the camera plugged into the power & turned OFF.

Insert SD Card & Power ON

Now Insert the Memory Card contained with the Firmware files into the camera. Now Press the POWER BUTTON Once.

Start Updating Firmware

This will start updating the newest firmware directly from file automatically. You will see the flashing RED/BLUE LED on the left upper corner Which means, the firmware is being updated

Don't Disconnect the Power

Let it go through its cycle and the make sure the power doesn't get disconnecte dduring the firmware update.

Automatic Reboot & Finished

The Dash Cam will reboot automatically after applying the upgrade, and start recording.


As soon as the camera turns ON, the first thing you want to do is to FORMAT the memory card by going into the camera's system settings, 
so your camera does not keep updating the firmware every time it restarts the camera.

About microSD Cards

Note that we recommend using ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Card for optimal performance.

The reason is that dashcam's put micro SD cards under higher stress than most electronic products such as action cameras or DSLR's due to their constant loop recording. We test our cards extensively before selecting them for inclusion in our products, to make sure that their performance is good and degrades as little as possible over time.

Using other micro SD cards can affect dashcam's performance and in some cases, force the dashcam to reboot randomly during recording. Although the basic requirement of the micro SD cards for ROVE dashcam's is Class 10 or U3 and that the SD card should be formatted [Windows] or MS-DOS (FAT) [Mac OS], we cannot guarantee the perfect performance of cards from other manufacturers, as even cards with same specifications may vary from batch to batch.