Our team works continuously on enhancing the user experience and add more feature to our products. Check below to see if the latest firmware update is available for your specific R2-4K Model.

Page Updated on: 12-12-2022
You can check if a firmware update is available for your R2-4K just by entering the serial number and the currently installed firmware version in your dash camera.
Enter your camera's serial number below to see if there is a firmware update available?
This will tell you whether your camera needs a firmware update or it has the latest firmware version available for the serial number you have provided.
You can find serial number of your camera as shown.

Enter only the last numbers after R2.

*There is no such serial number.

Now, enter your current Firmware Version available on the camera with Serial#

Change Camera’s Serial Number
Steps to get your Firmware Version
  • Step 1 > Go to the System Settings
  • Step 2 > Scroll down and go to the Firmware Version
  • Step 3 > Press OK to check the current Firmware Version

Enter the firmware version after ROVE R2-4K below.

Firmware version is invalid.

We got a firmware upgrade for your ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam
Firmware Version:

Download Firmware

Steps to Update Firmware
Please update the
Firmware Version
to experience more stability with your ROVE R2-4K

It will increase the performance of your camera than before. To update, download the firmware file and click the "Steps to Update Firmware" for the instructions.

Check-Out how to updates your R2-4K’s firmware version step by step.
Asset 13
Asset 14
Your ROVE R2-4K is up to date.
The latest version of firmware is installed on your dash cam.