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Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


ROVE is a brand of Car Dash Camera that we started from our home with a dream and dedication to design innovative dash cameras and bringing them to life for a reasonable price, unlike big name brands.


We thought of our brand name ROVE from the dream success of MARS ROVER, as Mars Rover ROVES around the planet it brings the beautiful unexpected video quality from the perspective of the ROVER, with this ingenuity in mind for our love in designing & bring the most innovative products in the market.


Honesty, integrity, teamwork, and dedication—these are the words and principles that ROVE has built its reputation on.
We believe a small company like ours can have an outsized impact on the world and our customers.

We are continuously looking for ways on how we can make all the products we offer better to make these more personalized and user-friendly. We listen to our customers and place them at the top of our list for all the suggestions and improvements.


Our honesty, hard-work & dedication to bringing simplicity easy to use products is the definition of our company ROVE InnoTech. Here, your satisfaction means the world to us. We are your most honest customer-centric company. Looking forward to be your car companion

“At ROVE, our goal is to keep working hard to make innovative hardware & software of the camera to give you that personalized experience.”

Lisa John

Fashion Design

Jane Doe


Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director